The name of Bihar, of which the capital is Patna is located in the eastern part of India, comes from a corrupted version of "Vihara" which means a Buddhist monastery. Currently the state of Bihar is considered and portrayed as a fine example of backwardness and everything that is wrong with India. However, that is now not the case; it has seen large scale development not only in the agricultural sector but also in the industrial component. Surprisingly not known is that Bihar is a leader in the production of spices in India. Furthermore, as the likelihood of harsh food crisis in various regions of the globe is threatening large, Bihar has seen an abundance of cash crops this year. Bihar is a rich agricultural area fortified by the Ganges River and other numerous might rivers to criss-cross the state.

Culturally, Bihar is holding the Indian customs and background while the rest of India seems set to change. For example Bihar has festivals and holy places that is something to boast about. For example, it is also the birthplace of many religions, including Buddhism and Jainism. It is here that the famous Kama Sutra was composed and written. Bihar is popular for Yoga and the establishment of Bihar Yoga Bharati. The state has the famous "Ma Mundeshwari Temple" in Kaimur District is thought to be the oldest Hindu temple in the world, Gaya holds the Bodhi temple where Buddha got his enlightenment, it has the Pind Dan facilities and the famous Vishnupad temple at Gaya District of the state.

Anyone with an interest in Buddhism, Bihar is the place to visit. It is here that Ashoka the Great sent his emissaries to the world to spread Buddhism to China and Sri Lanka. It was the highest place of learning in the ancient times and still includes ruins of historical importance and tourist destinations in India such as cities like Nalanda, Patna, Bodhgaya, Rajgir and Vaishali. Buddhism has one way or another defined tourism in Bihar.

As mentioned earlier, the word Bihar is taken from Vihara meaning the housing compound of Buddhist monks. Today Bihar is in fact has become rather a desired place for making investments as it is very well connected by rail, road and air routes with the rest of India and its strategic location. In addition, Bihar occupies the middle of India defined as the part of what is called the Hindi Belt.

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