Legend has it that it was named after a princess gave birth to a baby son (Putra in Hindi). But in historical terms it was built as a fort by King Ajatsatru to prevent the Licchavis soldiers from attacking and harassing the people of Patliputra. In its early days it was built as a fort for the Magadh soldiers to rest. When a Magadhan soldier planted some roses near the camp it came to be known as "Kusumpur" (rose is kusum in Hindi).
Places to visit in Patna
Agam Kuan
Hanuman Mandir
Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb
State Secretariat Building
Martyrs Memorial
Patna Planetorium
Moin-Ul-Haque Stadium
Patna Museum
Khuda Baksh Oriental Library
SINHA Library
Begu Hajjam's mosque
Pathar ki Masjid
Qila House (Jalan House)
Sadaqat Ashram Zoological
Botanical garden Bissleboron
Gandhi Maidan
Anugrah Seva Sadan
Christ Church
Kargil Chowraha
Saheed smarak

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