Dog is very Wonderful - obedient - intelligent - loyal and lovable animal. It is also known as Man's best friend and Ladies especially love dogs and I find ladies carrying dog to kitti parties and walking with them in the evening along the promonade.

But When I look at Dog's tail a lot of genuine questions arise in my mind. Why Dog tail is bent in the end ? Why does a dog wag its tail? Why people say teri buddhi kutte ki poonch ki tera hai ?

Technically speaking as per opinion of the Veterinarian they say the tail is broken in the womb itself and when the pups are born in few weeks time its become permanent bent in the end. Why nature couldnot rectify this deformity for many centuries ?

But time since immemorial the idiom " teri buddhi kutte ki poonch ki terah hai kabhi sudhregi nahi" is what we are listening - Why is phrase or sentence has come into common usage.

Our India He Man Dharmendra used to say Basanti in Kutto ke samne mat nachana - Why ?

Even Dharmendra's common dialogue - "kutto tumhari main khoon peejavoonga" - Why ?

Most of the women say "Men are dogs" - why ?

I feel there should be some reason behind these saying let us think on these questions and try to find some genuine answer.

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Comment by Rajesh Kumar on December 31, 2010 at 11:13pm

Giri Ji

Kutte ke pachhan uske pooch se hoti hai , sabhi kutto ka nasseb acchha nahi hota hai, amir ghar ke kutto ki life ex sadak per pare hue bijhar se achhi hoti hai. bhikarfi ko kabhi khana nasib nahi hota hai,

Comment by Anil Kumar Giri on December 28, 2010 at 8:52am
Doctor thanks for the comments. We are not perfect because we are human beings. There may be likes and dislikes - agree - disagree, etc., but one point one the other we are all dogs bent tail whether we accept or not but the fact remains fact.

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