How to Facebook as a company was $ 100 billion??

Transition of Facebook from a germ of an idea can not be a sophomore, Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard University, the head of one of the largest high-tech companies in the world is fully recorded. We present the milestones Facebook and tell us how was the technology company has achieved. $ 100 billion in just eight years....

1 - February 2004: Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook. A social network exclusively for Harvard University.

2 - September 2004: Facebook launches the wall, to publish one of his features the most exciting and popular users what is happening on their profile pages.

3-2006 September: Facebook opens to the public and begins to find someone to join more than 13 years. Previously limited to universities, schools and businesses.Also carries news source, which collects all user streams display in one place. It exploded when the new user acceptance.

4: - June 2007: The second major initiative is to lead as Facebook in the big league, computing platform, the programmer, to allow you to create applications launched. Facebook include explodes with thousands and thousands of small applications, games, quizzes and music. Platform ensures that Facebook does not have to do all heavy lifting on their own, but other companies offer ways to do it.

5: - October 2007: Microsoft comes with a call of $ 240 million investment for a 1.6 percent revision to Facebook astounding $ 15 billion.

6: - November 2007: Facebook grinds to a halt for the first time it is Beacon advertising program, a feature that will be broadcast from user activity external websites on Facebook. It leads to an enormous setback to force Facebook to withdraw the initiative immediately.

7 - March 2008: Facebook hires Sheryl Sandberg as COO of the company's rival Google. In retrospect, this is one of the best decisions Zuckerberg should help its enterprise-wide technology hot Gründerfonds serious corporate truck.

8 - February 2009: Facebook makes its function. One of the most used features on the social network, it provides the user settings in all they use on the site.

9: - June 2009: MySpace offers to be the king of social networking world.

10: - September 2011: Always innovative, even if it leads Facebook user resistance to the script, which is a new version of the user profile page.

11 - February 2012: Facebook ends months of speculation by filing an initial public offering (IPO).

12: - April 2012: Facebook Photo app Instagram snaps company for $ 1 billion.

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Comment by Gaurav Gupta on May 10, 2012 at 8:09pm
An idea changed the world my ideaz changed the Bihar.
Comment by Shalu Sharma on May 9, 2012 at 4:20pm

Its amazing, an idea into a business. But the biggest asset of Facebook is you, the users. 

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