Why we are getting irritated by calling bihari.

why not we feel proud for becoming bihari, when bihar's growth rate is above our nation growth rate.

When the greatest Indian empire, the Maurayan empire, originated from Magadha in 325 BC, it was started by Chandragupta Maurya who was born in Magadha, and had its capital at Patliputra (modern Patna). The Maurayan Emperor, Ashoka, who was born in Patliputra (Patna) is believed to be one of the greatest rulers in the history of India and the world.

When Bihar Gave the world its first Republic,
Bihar nourished Buddha to enlightenment,
Bihar gave world its best ancient university,
Chanakya born in Bihar was the father of Economics,
Mahavir came out of Bihar to found Jainism,

Valmiki wrote Ramayan, the greatest Epic
Rishi Shushrut, the father of surgery, lived on this soil
Vatsayana wrote Kamasutra, the treatise of love ,
M Ashoka – The Great was the greatest ruler of India ,
Bihar gave birth to Aryabhatt, the great ancient mathematician ,
I gave Ashoka Chakra that adorns India's national flag ,
Dinkar is the national poet of India ,
Bihar gave the world its first Yoga University ,
Bihar gave India its first president


Now biharis are emerging in all feild from engineer to scientist,Farmer to Doctors,Industrialist to Teacher

Then why we are getting embarrassed,

When any one laughs on Bihari, they are showing lack of up to dated knowledge,they are not knowing

the present condition of bihar. 

In other words they are living in 15 years Back in laloo raj.

Now its our turn to show the world who we are

He-He We Are BIHARI.

Cool And Happening Bihari.



Do You Agree With me ?????

Respond Now------------------------------------------------------

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