"Success comes to those who have the confidence to try, and more than that, the confidence to win. Confidence is something that you can grow in your mind and heart. Each passing victory that you achieve builds more and more confidence in you to draw from the next time you go to fight another battle on your journey to success. Do what you can to build confidence inside of yourself so you will be able to dip deeply into that well when you need it!"

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Comment by sushil kumar singhal on July 30, 2010 at 1:36pm
Can we contribute to a great cause with a fun of village tourism?1.There plenty of village primary schools in India with panaromic scenic beauty2. Educated youths in a group can visit such school for 1 week and spend the time with the local villagers and students with all kind of masti trecking ,bullock cart riding 3.having local foods or making your foods of choice and feed with the children and teach them

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