Hey i want to ask if Varun Gandhi can be jailed for his speech...FIR can be registered against Laloo and Rabri for their statement... why now we can put Raj thakare into jail for his wrong doing, which again he has started in nasic where many north indian left for their home due to fear of Raj and his pets... What are our role in this whether we cn do something or we will just keep looking at our brothers getting bitten up? are we so called biharies and bhaia not Indian or belong to some other universe or alien to the part of India.. don't we have right to move from one state of India to other for our livelihood... here they allow Bangladeshies but they cn not tollerate Biharies and Bhaias?? So Bihari bhaio and Bhaia log let choose such a government that cn protect us and do something for us that we dont need to go outside our home and get bittenup....Lets make our statement strong and make it to reach to so called our Netas... Lets work...

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Comment by R Singh on January 25, 2011 at 7:52pm
Raj Thakre is an animal of the highest calibre. They can tolerate Bangladeshis but not Biharis, rightly said.
Comment by shailesh mishra on April 9, 2009 at 9:44am
but y do biharis hav to leave their own state?y not develop bihar itself?

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