We are witnessing a massive upsurge in people sentiment against establishment. These are the people who never have time to fume over widespread corruption they deal with in their daily life but move ahead with the motion, for they have to see the other day through. Dissatisfaction and frustration bubbles up and hastily gobbled up with a sense of remorse telling what can an individual do against the system – a fait accompli termed as middle class. Humm… an abuse or common pragmatic way of life?!

Suddenly, this community has found a voice, strong and determined, duly prepared with life long selflessness, afraid of no one and love everyone. Who and what better leader one could find than Anna! He has been able to clean the lump in the throats and take out, ‘Yes, we won’t take it any more; mend your ways or you have no way’.

Still, the men at helm are not ready to believe whether the time has come, still basking behind the technicalities of parliamentary processes. And the pinch of people sub-served by the system somewhere and eyes blind to see beyond the dusk continue indulging in pedantic, perhaps parody in hindsight.

Let sense prevail. Listen to the commoners. Live the idiom of democracy and not just rhetoric. Bring the strictest Lokpal. Of the people, for the people and by the people is not something for parroting but for living it every moment in public.

Yes, parliament is the body to authorize legislation and you are entrusted to execute the legislation. Had your intentions ever been upright, you must not have faced this arising. Now that you have lost the confidence of the very republic you happen to be representing through constitutionally organized elections and while this republic is nothing but it’s citizenry, the time has come to look back onto this very constitution our founding fathers had penned to provide us guidelines to serve and not to rule the people. If you stand to change the purpose and meaning of the constitution and you have shown yourself time and again indulging with malafide intentions, you deserve to be shown the right way to tread and the present uprising is one such attempt to allow you mend your ways.

So much for constitution. Remember, it is ‘We the People’ that is supreme, neither the parliament nor the government. Spirit of the sovereignty lies in the people of the republic and the body lies in the constitution. Rest all are details in the service of the people.

Therefore, discuss, debate and take all that makes the bill even stronger and perfect. There is no shying away from the strong Lokpal bill. Embrace the fight against corruption or you are doomed to oblivion.

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Comment by Shalu Sharma on December 12, 2011 at 3:20pm

Great news - the opposition has backed Anna Hazare's demands for the inclusion of PM, lower bureaucracy and citizen's charter as part of the proposed Lokpal.

Comment by Abhishek on August 26, 2011 at 12:01am
Ye khaali jagah kiske liye chhor diya mere bhai?
Comment by Ragini Bhatiya on August 25, 2011 at 11:28pm
Constitution is for people, it must be changed for people's demand.. I dont trust PM (prime or puppet minister), if he is so called honest, why does not he leave post .
Comment by Abhishek on August 25, 2011 at 11:24pm

A few kids had some innocent queries on this forum. They could have been answered straight in a matter of fact fashion. People have over time forgot the history and movements around. They are psychologically hard pressed to present a landscape of their own imagination out of fanticised thinking. No fault of your, kids.

Only suggestion is to keep yourself away from the ideological and whimsical pukes. We have heard and understood what ‘khisiyaani billi khambha noche’ means. Apply ones mind and education and think independent.

Comment by Abhishek on August 25, 2011 at 1:52pm
What use a democratic process, rather non-process, is if it warrants such a huge negative upsurge in the public mind? Unless the executives subvert the system over a prolonged period of time and secure itself from the possible laws that may handcuff them, by not presenting the parliament with an appropriate option in the form of a bill to consider and pass so as to check the menace perpetrated by the members of this very executive, there won’t be the kind and size of unrest we have come to witness today.

This anger is no dissimilar to ones usurping the middle-east one-by-one. The only difference is the ambushed class there comprises one dictator with his coterie and in our case it has been duly elected and democratically stamped mafioso forming a cartel.

Therefore, it is not Anna who needs be tried but the political class that should be tried and this agitation is all about trying these cheats only. As for Anna, this cause is not his personal wish and whim. He is just the collective conscience of the people of India who aspire for a clean and performing system. Ok, book all the people; that will not be different from what the ruling class has been doing till date – depriving the masses of their genuine and rightful resources due to them.

As such, it is not about breaking the system but repair the system. At the cost of repeatition, constitution is the collective wisdom and faith bestowed by the citizens onto themselves; it is the pledge by Indian nationals to honour this collective conscience and be guided by it under all circumstances. But the actors like executives, legislatives and judiciaries which find the justification of their existence in serving the tenets of our constitution and hence ultimately the people, are never supreme and can not ever be supreme.

It should better be understood this way : The people are for constitution and the constitution is for the people. Both are mutually inclusive. When the citizenary goes astray, constitution guides them right as is the case with various separatist or otherwise movements, for example. But, when the constitution is made to provide leeway to provide for ulterior motives by a class of some, it is the people of this country who must come forward and reign supreme. And this is what is happening today. People are forced to assert there superiority that otherwise should never have been the case. There can be no truth further from this.

As to the questions on the kind and size of the Lokpal, whether it will remain honest in its endeavour, if it can handle the amount of investigations and prosecutions under its jurisdiction, if it would stand right on the mandate it is being proposed with; the answer is deliver the baby in good faith and hope. You never know the baby will be a scholar or a pirate. It is the faith in your ability to nurture and upbring the baby that pushes you to go for the baby. Hold on, please. Have confidence in yourselves.

If independent Lokpal can not bring an end to corruption as percieved be some imaginations, it does not at all justify why a strong autonomous Lokpal shall not be given ground. If we have not conquered AIDS yet, does not mean you should not take the available best medicines to live better than shorter.

The existing systems have proved their limits and maneuverability. Strenthening these systems is always welcome. Cleansing these systems is a long desired requirement. Just do it.

Install JanLokpal. If you are clean, what is there to fear for? This is the rationale must be pursued and is being pursued.
Comment by NEET on August 24, 2011 at 2:11pm
Dear Rohini corrupted and fake souls like u are just cocktail mongers.
Comment by Shalu Sharma on August 23, 2011 at 10:25pm
This is a negotiation between the honest Indians versus thugs/cheats/frauds/criminals/thieves. The agitation must continue. Time is either now or never.
Comment by Ragini Bhatiya on August 23, 2011 at 6:56pm
Corruption free India is a dream. Not only Anna but we all have to come forward not to bribe or not to take bribe. Lets all be united in this endeavour. This government is playing games.
Comment by Aman on August 23, 2011 at 6:52pm
Will any one tell me how to open an account in swiss bank?
Comment by Ram Prakash on August 23, 2011 at 6:27pm

The need is for strict laws to handle this unprecedented situation like:

The persons putting their Black Money in Tax Heavens should be at par with TRAITORS

The prosecution of Political leaders, bureaucrats, judiciary involved in scams should be in PUBLIC and not in the closed courts (being Trustees of National Wealth) by the JURY consisting of Chief Justice of Supreme court and High Courts, and equal no of public figures of integrity.

The decision should be time bound.

All the assets belonging to their family should be confiscated immediately and discharged only if not found guilty.

 The standoff is not in the interest of Nation. Both parties should not press for their version of BILL, but see that proper provision to check corruption are there or not in the Bill. Hardly matters whose bill is presented in Parliament.

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