Love is great. what is love? it is the hot test feelings of 2 starts from eyes & ends with life. love is a master key which opens the door of is a gift of GOD to us & it is realy the best gift for the old poet says about love that ! all things of world have an ending ,but love alone has no ending.there r a lot of famous names of lovers like:laila,majnu;heer,ranjha;sohni,mahiwal;etc when any one falls in love it feels something strange & looks all world is beautiful. love is a thing which can not be done,but it has been done

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Raja bhai add my name too in your love story. "Ek tha Aman".

Round like a ring,

which has no end.

So is My love,

For "Bihar" my dear - dear friends.


Aman aur................kaun? naam to batao bahi........

Aman said:
Raja bhai add my name too in your love story. "Ek tha Aman".
I don't think there is a real definition for love. Or in any case, a real representation of it but just a simple symbolism of what is felt when you say love.  Personally, love is something imagined meaning, only based on whatever people tell them to be. 

Say nationalism, there is no real thing as nationalism yet, we often hear the word bounce from anyone else's mouth. So does love, we often hear it, but what is love? What really makes of love?

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यूबिहार सोसल नेटवर्क अब फ़ेसबुक पे है. **इधर क्लिक कीजिए**

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