So ... right now we all think - corruption is our biggest enemy.
That's fine. But is it Really the only big threat?

I am getting confused because our biggest enemy keeps changing colors.

After every terrorist attack they say terrorism is the biggest threat to the country.

After every naxalite attack they say Naxalism is the most potent threat.

After every scam they say Corruption is killing our country and we must do something about it.

Who is they? We Indians, of course. SHAME ON US.
I love my India but sometimes I feel sick being an Indian.

Now you guys tell me - what is Biggest threat to India?

My answer is ALL of them are equally dangerous.

The only solution is Total Revolution.

All the old and corrupt politicians should be OUT and a new breed of fresh and young leaders with vision should join politics.


Please join my group here and lets fight together.


Kindly let me know if I am wrong or you would like to add something.

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I think terrorism and naxalism.

and one more thing cast............


Though Terrorists from out side & inside  And Naxalites & their sympathisers are going to bleed India by million cuts for decades to come, Corruption will remain one of the enemy in our society.

I think the solution should be  Self Introspection rather than Total Revolution.

I think corruption is the biggest threat to India...every thing come from corruption, either its terrorism or Naxalism... paise le kar bahar desh se hatiyar under laye jaate hain, piase dey kar hi RDX utra tha mumbai blast ke liye... corruption hi hai ki naxal paida huye unka shoshan kiya gaya unke haq mare gaye ..... there is lot of threat for India but first corruption
Lack of social integrity and unity due to casteism.solving this issue we can easily solve many problems meeting all together.
Wel said pallavi

pallavi said:

government , lack of unity ,people thinking .....

if people will b united like in anna ji case we can achieve everything

so true.

Neeraj Kumar Bihari said:

I had already warned about what has happened today.

We have too many enemies. We need a revolution.

SHAME ON US. LOL. Neeraj do you know how good you are?
Dr saheb ap genius hain.

Dr. Ajay Kumar said:

Biggest threat to India is Gandhi family.

Deport them enmass to Italy. They can enjoy their Bofors millions in company of Italian Prime Minister Berluconi, his prostitutes and call girls. They will definetely enjoy his "Bunga Bunga" parties of naked call girls.

yes terrorism is biggest threat. we should nuke pakistan. :(

The biggest threat to India & Indians are the spineless, greedy politicians.

Country can go no where when it has,a PM who only murmurs.And the ruling party,who milks its own people.


You are so emotional dear....We r not able to hang a paki terrorist how we can dare to attack on Pak ?? what a joke

Anjali said:

yes terrorism is biggest threat. we should nuke pakistan. :(

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