While every other celebrity is busy in making money, politicians sucking this country dry, some having affairs, Aamir has shown some courage and conviction by making SMJ. In India everyone is scared to death to touch on any malice of the society. I watched the first one and its heart breaking. 

Great show ..........Hats off to Aamir and the whole team. What do you think of this show?

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Old wine in new bottle.

One of the best TV show I have seen. Its unfortunate that the handicapped Indian government is unable to do anthing and take on any challages head on. It is hell bent on demeaning those who show them the ills happening in this country.

Wonderful show but same wonderful like old wonderful in new bottle, Amir ji has done well sharing and listening sincerely to the people.We all love to watch a great celebrity who comes among people and share their feelings.This show has earn more than 20 carore in one episode very nice business of exchanging pains of the society However good deeds are always good we must appreciate them anyhow but main complication is here what can we get the solutions of these pains and problems of the society ? Can this show will help in solving the problems If this is business only then truely bad if going to create a milestone the wonderful.
It is always bad to play with emotions, It is always good to care,understand the emotions.
Let see what result this show is going to get in near future.
Amir khan acha kar rahe hai keep it up wese bi amm admi ki bat kaun sunta hai iss desh me jaldi except fews desh ko jagaae bhala karaae but dont make it to completely business.Desh k log aur unki feelings hamare liye assets hai unke buniyad pe har chiz hai.
Statutory warning : Logo ki bhavnav k sath na khele kuch better result nikal k dikhae.Like super 30 Anand sir and DGP Abhyandan sir and all memebers of this institution.Education k field me super 30 institution ne milestone create kiya hai kuchh aisa ho Satyamev jayte me to mani jae bat ki ha wakai me satyamev jayte ne milestone create kiya.

jarurat hai..because koi nai jaan rha k hamare india main kitna crime ho geya ..girls k liye to koi bhe safety hai hi nai..main itna kehna chahunge k jo bhe women apni daughter -in-law ko abortion k liyee force karti unhe ek bar yeh bhe sochna chahiye k wo bhe ek aurat hai agar unke parents ne unhe abort karwa diya hota to wo kisi ki mother-in-law nai banti..thanku sooo much sir..k apne itna acha show bnaya hamare india k liye..thanku sir amir khan. 

its very nice and very good work..i did not seen but i heard..i really like to watch SATYAMEV JAYATE..

I have seen the 2 episodes so far and I strongly feel that in India there needs to be a strong law against rape,child sexual assault,etc . Indian Law should hang these criminals then only a fear factor will come into a person's mind that if he/she does something wrong he will lose his life.By filing a case , going to supreme court,high court is just waste of time for the victims and extra income for the other people .

Satyamev Jayate

true is always victorious paisa fir jeet gaya mujhe bhi paisa chahiye ha ha

mujhe bhi khargosh chahiye

Satyameva Jayate is a rocking show, many people are saying that it is something like old wine in new bottle but this must be seen that the 'bottle' needed to be changed as the old bottle was going unnoticed.So Aamir is using his brand value to bring to issues of common concern to the forefront which is very applaud-able.Kudos to Aamir for creating a stir in the masses.

we cant campare it with wine

bhejaa me baat na ghuse to bottle to badlni hi padegi

Munna Lal said:

Old wine in new bottle.

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