UPA’s Scam Raj

  • 2-G spectrum Rs 1,70,000 crore notional loss after Raja's telecom ministry undersells spectrum to shell companies. Then telecom secretary P.J. Thomas now appointed as Chief Vigilance Commissioner.
  • Adarsh society Flats meant for defence personnel and Kargil war widows expanded to include politicians' kin, bureaucrats and defence top brass by Ashok Chavan
  • CWG Rs 8,000 crore rip-off in allocation of rights, procurement of materials by Suresh Kalmadi-led panel
  • IPL Ministers Shashi Tharoor, Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel shown to have dubious links with IPL teams
  • Scorpene Middlemen make hay in the Rs 18,000-crore submarine deal
  • Rice export Private middlemen subvert ban under Kamal Nath's watch to export Rs 2,500 crore of grain
  • Cash-for-votes MPs allegedly offered cash to vote for the government in the trust vote over nuclear deal
  • Prasar Bharati B.S. Lalli stays in office despite Rs 68-crore loss suffered by national broadcaster in a subcontracting deal
Source: The Outlook

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Saw the news of NDTV and its shocking to know that 2G scams is one of biggest in the country. I see the congress party loosing elections next time as they have looted the country.
Even i saw the detailed report by NDTV, it's a shame for our country. We suffered a loss of about Rs 1,76,645 crore. Why blaming Congress alone? Coz they have looted more money than the other party?
Well!! This is the list which became public, where, I guess, some problem came in distributing the looted money.

Gods knows how many more scams has been enjoyed even without noticed and how many more in pipe line :)

Ab to haalat ye ho gayee hai ki eek aatee hai aur eek jaate hai.. Aur Jab tak iska Koi effective treatment nahi hota , tab tak scams ka Aana Jana Laga Rahega..Aur hum saab sirf cout karenge :)

May be in future GK/GS ka question hoga .. Sabse Jayda scam kab aur kis neta ne kiya :)

@Bhai, Sahi Full form diya hai aapne :)

Anil Kumar Giri said:
Shri Ratan TATA chairman of TATA Group many times had communicated his apprehensions regarding some unwarranted dealings in spectrum allocation but it went unheard - Congress means corruption and the party is surviving only due to Gandhi Surname else it wil go to the pages of Indian History.

DMK means "Daily Money for Karunanidhi"

Congress means corruption haath to haath.
I don't see any accountability. Kalmadi seems unshaken and goes around doing his daily jobs. A Raja resigns and thats about it. Chavan is replaced but nothing really happens. The stolen money is still with the culprits. This is all we get. They looted and they resigned. Wah bhai wah, what a country. All you need to do is win an election, do a mega scam and ensure your generations to come can live in prosperity.
The scamsters are greater mortal and professional. Ek lakshya ki sadhna hum unse sikhein. Hum unki duhaii kyon de rahe hain ? Had they been up for morality, they would not have done it all in the first place!
Everything aside, they have served and achieved their goal. That's it. Let enquiries happen, let the court announce punishments, let people turn their eyes in disdain, it doesn't matter. They are rich for generations to come. That's it.
it never can stop, what happen against Lalu, Madhu koda, Shivraj Patil, %^%$&^%^&@$%^ Mayabati, Jay Lalita, Madam Lal Khurana, Uma Bharti, Vashundra Raj Sindhey Now.............this......?

If in case Bihar govt would be changed and RJD will back, then similar scams will come-out. Every govt has Ghotala.
Are ab to Supreem Court ne V ye pucha hai ki 2-G spectrum Ghotala mamle me Raja k khilaf mukdma chalane ke liye anumati dene me lambe samay tak karwai Q nahi Ki?
When has the courts punished anyone on scams. The courts in India are in the pockets of the politicians. Nothing has ever happened, nothing will ever happen.
@Anil, sounds like we should get out of India ASAP and find the nearest safe haven (which is Pakistan).
You go to pakistan...i prefer nepal,singapore, hong kong etc

Shalu Sharma said:
@Anil, sounds like we should get out of India ASAP and find the nearest safe haven (which is Pakistan).
Satya vachan anil ji... aaj jo log congress ko gaali de rahe hain 2014 tak sab kha pee kar bhool jaenge. Isliye to congress bhi tension nahi le rahi pata hai abhi bohat time hai election me.Indian public ka nabj congress se achha kaun janti hai.

Anil Kumar Giri said:
Sarkar kuch nahi karegi pade likhi ho ya chahe gavar ho sare logon ko chutiya bana rahi hai janch padtal ke naam par. Janch chala jayega Jhand ke Jhaagh mein aur padtal chala jayega patal mein. Bhulakkad log bhul jayenge phir congress ko vote karenga aur 5 saal tak sirf aahein bharenge lekin sudhrenge nahin.

Ram naam satya hai

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