Dead Friends,

Its our proud to be a Bihari,

But i would like to draw your kind consent towards our bhojpuri song writers and our singers who are used to write such a bad and unacceptable songs whaich have created such a bad image of our culture and prestige.

Apart from it, It is even worst administrative practice where these kind of songs are allowed to be played in public and public places where most offten we used to be with our families and family members and i hope no one of us would like to hear such kind of songs with our family members.

Our lyricists or song writers shaould be incouraged to write good songs which can be simbol of our tradition, cuture and arts of our society.

If we can do even a step forward in this matter i hope the respect and image of our BIHAR could become more sober and acceptable to the rest of the societies.

Any one with similar fealing are welcome to join me any time to discuss this pathetic issue.

Thanks & Best Regards to all of my Behiri fellows....


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Correct, if we were to listen to Bhojpuri songs it is evident that some songs have dual meaning. But there are also a minority of songs that are very good centred around culture. Hope Bhojpuri music will change for the better.
Anil, You are right. There are some very good songs specially Chaath Puja songs from Sharda Sinha. While some are vulgar as you said. But then we have them in Hindi as well. As long as we support the cultural aspects of it then we can go a long way.
Mr. Anil, to some extent i agree with your comments but as you have mentioned that, our mass people feel proud in listening those kind of songs, I really cant understand how do they feel proud and why do they dont feels ashamed while listening such vulgar songs. I know even those people as u said mass they would also not like those songs when they are with their families or kids.
This is the time for all of us to think about the development of our society, district, state and nation & I hope the development of a society depends on the good cultural environment where our childrens have to grow with its essence & if the fragrance of our society will remain like this then we can easily foresee our childrens future and social upgradation.
My intention of saying is to stop this kind of music in public and put a ban on such kind of music releasses from administrative point of view & not to purchase those cassests or videos from social responsibility point of view in general.

Anil Kumar Giri said:
Dear Shalu Ji
In our society to types of people survive mass and class. But the commercial success of films, music album is purely dependent on the mass. Our song writers and singers livelihood - survival depends on the commercial success of the albums. It is the masses in the Bihar are responsible for encouraging open vulgar songs because they feel proud in listening. Whenever I visited Bihar I could hear on high volume vulgar songs everybody old,young,educated,uneducated,police,govt. officials noding their heads in joy and women passing by just covering their mouth. I can give you many songs which have double meaning else everybody and listen unless it is openly discussed. Unless our Bihari society is awakened nothing can be done. Please discourage double meaning songs donot buy the albums.

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