Is Nitish Kumar fake?


Is Nitish Kumar is psedo-secular?

By opposing the BJP in hoisting the National flag in Srinagar, he is trying to maintain his psedo-secular credentials by appeasing certain sections of the electorate. Some of us can clearly see through his carefully crafted statements while some will praise him. By siding with Omar Abdullah, Nitish Kumar has welcomed the wrath of many in Bihar.


If Nitish Kumar thinks that he will be able to run Bihar and remain CM of Bihar without the help of the BJP then he is mistaken. He has shown through his statements in the last few days that he is not fit to be the prime minister of India. As a matter of fact, his claim to his secularism is completely false. On one side he wants the BJP support to remain the top man in Patna; on the other hand he does not want the star of BJP, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi, the best CM India to be in his election rallies. This completely shows his psedo-secular credentials.


Nitish is very shrewd and often fake

Nitish Kumar is so shrewd that he would give anyone nightmares. He is definitely not fit for the streets of Delhi as PM so he should remain CM of Bihar and roam the dirty lanes of Patna pretending to do a great job.


He has been carefully crafting his image by not aligning with anyone who might be a little pro-Indian and anyone who might be so called secular. For example, during the elections, he actually had a bearded person in the rallies to fool the Muslims that he is a secular person and worthy of vote. In addition, he made it evident that he does not like Narendra Modi which is complete eyewash.  


Muslims too voted for BJP and not Nitish Kumar

As a matter of fact, the Muslims of the state have voted for the BJP who also have Muslim MLAs. The popularity of Sushil Kumar Modi of the backward bania caste as the deputy CM is as huge as Nitish Kumar himself. Sushil Modi has worked hard for the state. Behind every development program, he has worked hard and without any personal gains. Sushil Modi is an honest man with secular credentials and is loved my all Bihari communities. As a matter of fact his wife, Jessie George happens to be Christian and has raised his children to love and respect all religions.  


Nitish perhaps not fit to me PM of India

So let’s not get excited about Nitish Kumar as he is becoming dictatorial in his mannerisms. If he thinks he can fly high on his popularity wave then he is mistaken. The popularity of his party the JD(U) and the BJP is neck and neck and hence he should be reminded that it is the BJP who is helping him in the development work. He cannot lay claim to fame on his own. 

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People who show their self so patriotic with India i think most of them anti-india. We are duble standard ppl when han me han milaye to apne and ek bar han me na mila diye to paraye.... agar desh me ashanti faila kar log deshbhakti ki bat karte hain to unse bada deshdrohi koi nahi hai ...

Hindustan me atankwad ko kone kone me failane wale Advani jee,

And abhi shant kashmir ko fir se aag lagane wale Advani jee hi kahlayege...


Shalu jee...Chan se jo tuta koi sapna, jag suna suna lage, koi lage na jab apna......Nitish jee to aapke apne huye they wo bhi paraye ho gaye so sad dont worry shalu jee now say Sushil modi fit for CM & PM

Mia Atik whats your problem. Advani was the best PM Indian never had. Why are you opposing hoisting the Indian flag in Kashmir, the job these people are doing should be done by the Govt. of India who is shying away perhaps too weak or has some political motive to prevent the BJP from 

doing it. I have serious doubts that in the middle east you have become too fundamentalist and opposing any Indian activities. You sound like a Pakistani agent and not Indian. Are you sure you are Indian and a Bihari because you don't sound like one. 

Aap ke josh me aane se na to mai pakistani ho jaunga na pakistani agent, I think you are pakistani agent and advani ke saath mil kar aap desh me ashanti lana chahte ho are educated lady behave like that, what u think waha jhanda lahrane se kashmir dehli ya mharastra me badal jayega and nahi lagane se kya wo out of India ho jayega ......iske wajah se kitne masoomo ki jaan ja sakti hai aapne kabhi socha hai marne wale ya to BJP activies hon ya kashmiri or police ya aam nagrik, What you think jab hazaron ki huzum ek dusre se nafrat karte huye bhid jayege and hamari puri force unhe controll karne me rahege and waha pakistani apna kaam kar dege wo to isi ke intezar me hain.... use your mind shalu dont try be your eyes and dont go through any political party go though a normal Indian. If you are real Indian than go alone and Laal chawk pe Indian jhanda le kar khada ho jaayen and bole I m Indian that will b shown your patriotic attitude. Hope samjdhar hoge to samjhoge ...

R Singh said:

Mia Atik whats your problem. Advani was the best PM Indian never had. Why are you opposing hoisting the Indian flag in Kashmir, I have serious doubts that in the middle east you have become too fundamentalist and opposing any Indian activities. You sound like a Pakistani agent and not Indian.

Atik mia, the only one sounding Pakistani is you. By opposing the hoisting the Indian flag on Indian soil, you are not worthy of being Indian. You are a Pakistani agent in Dubai and should not be allowed to return to India. If you were true Indian and had love for India you would not sound like a Pakistani. 

You have deliberately hidden your face behind a stupid image and pretending to be a Bihari but your comments clearly indicate that you love Pakistan. People like you are curse to India who has their body in India but soul in Pakistan. 

u r ullu
My reaction to this post is.... HA HA HA.
@Mohit, which part do you actually find funny.
This is all bakwas. BJP wala sab pura paglaa ho gaia hai. Nitish k sath k siwa BJP, Bechari jang laga hua party hai bihar me. Now that i have oppossed u, go ahead call me pakistani too, yehi milta hai hum log ko.
Absurdity of the decade; but so early! its amazing.
Then politics is the game of opportunities, isn't it!

Absolutely right, we are now singing Nitish Chalisa. It makes a change from Laloo Chalisa. 

Shyam N Singh said:

Nitish Kumar too, is no less A Political Opportunist.........!

Biharies have a small corner for BJP like how they are enjoyed in Orissa. They can not stand at their own. Yes, the present chemistry has certainly helped the numbers swell for the combine which is only pragmatic.

The ardent followers here are wishing to skyrocket at hustings while there is no similar musings from the party leaders back in Bihar and Patna. The party is wiser than its followers. They know the reality and are silent on their ambitions. They know that it will take years of silent performance to prepare to stand alone at the hustings.

"Karaj dheere hot hai, kahe hot adhir,

Samay paye taruvar phale, ketak sincho neer".

Rohini said:

lets not forget that it is the bjp who is supporting nitish without whom Bihar will not develop. If the bjp had not stopped laloo then he would have gone another 15 years. All bjp ruled states are doing well and hence there is no doubt the party means business too in Bihar.Nitish is a political opportunist like any other. perhaps more chatur then some thought and perhaps too clever for his own good which will be his downfall.

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