Day after day we have to suffer a media which is totally in cahoots with the Congress party. The editors of major newspapers are in bed with the Congress party. Recently there was a controversy about paid articles appearing in major newspapers. It has started all over again. For example; these media has glossed over the fact that Mr Ottavio Quattrochi of the Bofors scam is not aligned with the Dynasty. Recent headlines appearing in these major newspapers are clear that the articles are trying to woo the voters in current elections in the states.

This is the business world eager to compromise with anyone who is in power for patronage; there is no freedom of opinion in India, other than over the social media networks like this one which explains why some Congress politicians are filing affidavits against these.

It makes me wonder about the nature and future course of Indian democracy itself, more than 60 years after independence and quality of Indian democracy remains poor. 

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Lets put it this way, there are many of us in Bihar who won't be voting for these people again. Sick and tired of the Congress party. Anyhow the party should have been disbanded after independence. 

HT is Congress mouthpiece. TOI are full of bukwas news these days. 

Indians are bombarded with news that very biased and ethnocentric. Do not believe what you read in the Indian newspapers. 

Paid articles appearing everywhere only during election time. shameless editors of disgusting newspapers. 

This is why India was rulled by Mugals and British for centuries. These newspapers are are congress stooges provoding enough fodder for stoking minority sentiment in the UP elections. This is completely unfortunate.

Indian media, both print and electronic are in the pocket of political parties. Most obvious is HT and TOI that prints most sycophantic of articles. It is better to read foreign media, watch BBC to get rea picture and remain sane.Indian media has sold its soul and become a poodle .

Bihar at the moment continues to be a backward state. From the beginning Nitish to some extent has been maniplulating press reports to create an image for himself. This is how the media works in India. Now Congress is doing the same thing. 

TOI publishes paid articles only. Quality has deteriorated since I was in school. My father used to say Times of India and Hindustan Times padho, English sudhrega. Now its the opposite. They are hiring low quality writers not journalists to regurgitate news from press trust of India and Reuters.  If you want to read good English look for essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

BBC is waste of time. They are biased against India and the mouth piece of the British government. All you hear from them is, how Iran is a bad nation and the turmoil in Syria. They had egg in their face when China and Russia vetoed against them at the UN security council. I suggest you read the RT (Russian Times).

We are not interested in the Italian congress in our country.  They are only interested in divide and rule. 

dont read indian newspapers they suck big time. If you want to read any decent stuff read the Washington post or the New York times if you are after decent english. 

A very nice post!!!

Media people are said to be the the Government Builders of any nation. They are among the best known intellectuals in any country. And nevertheless to say they are the bitches in any form of government.

Good news are rarely presented and useful NEWS are rarely telecast-ed.

Today News is only that what sells. And what sells in India is cheap, biased, exaggerated news.

There have been few NEWS where media has exposed corruption and it is commendable. However these die down soon as no followups are made.

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