India’s ‘silent’ prime minister becomes a tragic figure

According to the reporter of the Washington Post, Simon Denyer, the PM of India is a silent and a tragic figure. According to the reporter, when Manmohan Singh was finance minister he had set the nation to prosperity but now he has become a silent and tragic figure. This honorable man is now presiding over a corrupt government. The country has seen some of the worst corruption cases, the most recent being the coal allocation scams and the economy is reversing back.  

“More and more, he has become a tragic figure in our history,” a, describing a man fatally handicapped by his “timidity, complacency and intellectual dishonesty.” according to political historian Ramachandra Guha. 

Here's the original article at the Washington Post

Do you agree that Manmohan Singh is a silent PM and a tragic figure?

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Frankly, Dr Manmohan Singh, the Indian PM, has little or no options--given the situation he finds himself in. As if leading a coalition government with allies like Trinamool Congress was not enough, he has to contend with a dominating Congress Chief. Compounding his woes is the fact presently the world is passing through a not too good economic phase with India being no exception. Advancing age and deteriorating health of the incumbent PM are some other reasons why Dr Singh has cut a sorry figure.

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