Other states of India are taking their state forward but where are we heading. Are we actually doing anything about your poor state? What are the things we can do to rebrand our state of Bihar?
Here are some ideas we can do, please feel free to mention some of your ideas. Let’s do some brain storming.

1. We have a good cultural heritage. We must exploit the Buddhist, Jain, Sikh religious places and attract religious tourism. This will increase revenue and boost local economy. It should consider holding summits on religion to boost tourism and awareness of the places in Bihar.

2. We should become a beacon of development for other states to copy. Nitish Kumar has done some good things for the state. We have gone a long way from Lalu raj to at least some hope to recovery. So we should become an ideal economic state for others to follow. It is Gujrat at the moment but we also have some scope.

3. Bihar government is in the process of establishing a new Nalanda university of international reputation. This will come as a good educational centre and a magnet for academics from around all over India.

4. Change the name of Bihar to Magadha and Patna to Patliputra. This will emphasise the past history and Bihar no longer will be a subject of ridicule for other Indians.

5. We should appoint someone as brand ambassador for Bihar. Any names welcome.

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This is a brilliant topic. An exercise in re-branding is about repositioning itself to the next level. There is already talk of increased development but can it be sustained making a "vibrant Bihar". Great I hope we can come up with great ideas here. 

this is good thought.should be also thinking to young genration.

We need to advertise Bihar in National magazines asking people to come and visit Bihar. 

good idea

Welcome back Atik ji.

Atik Warsi said:

good idea

We must also ask NRIs to make a positive image abroad. Lots of Biharis in America, Europe and the Middle East. 

thank you jee

Shalu Sharma said:

Welcome back Atik ji.

Atik Warsi said:

good idea

suggestions are very good, but first change should come in to mindset of people.their education, behaviour, tolerance, presentation and communication. people of bihar lack in all these spheres. before educating the children the parents should be given proper guidance as how to propel their children to new areas to excel in every field either education or sports.also the parents should understand that boys and girls are their children and they should be given equal position and importance.

I would suggest first we all should change each of our's perception and talk about the positives of Bihar and be proud of what we are, contribute maximum towards Bihar's Development...

NRI always forward to do something for Bihar...even if you aware so many time in Nitish jee gov. NRI meeting held in Patna called Prawasi Bihari or something, Gov promised to provide safe passage for them, but in reality when they came in ground label, they face lots of difficulties with babu's and office ke chakkar kaat kaat ke unka foreign ka bussiness me bhi loss ho gaya isliye ye log haanth khichne lage. NRI does not have enough time to run office to office babu to babu , because they have to look their work too.   

Shalu Sharma said:

We must also ask NRIs to make a positive image abroad. Lots of Biharis in America, Europe and the Middle East. 

It would be good to select NALANDA as state.

Capital could be Pataliputra

i guess we need a kinda exploration....and find out what could be the move to actually attract investors redefine the policies and in a better way market it.................

actually why dnt the people who hail from this devine state join together and comeup with better prospects for the patliputr's soil.

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