“We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa

We often get asked how to help the poor. At some point in our lives, we want to help the poor. Most of the time, we don’t do anything at all. Perhaps we are ashamed of helping the poor, perhaps we don’t know how to, perhaps we can’t.  

Here are some ways to help to people;

Direct monetary help: find someone who is in need of money and just give them a few hundred/thousands of rupees. Just make sure that the needy will not waste the money and use it wisely. Alternatively you buy the things they need.

Get them clothes: there are many who can’t afford decent clothes. You find the people who wants some clothes (in Bihar, you don’t have to go very far) and offer to buy clothes for them. There is nothing less dignified than not having clothes.

Give food: offer to give grains for a month to a poor family. You can give a bag of rice or wheat directly to a poor family and let them know that they will get another one when they finish.

Sponsor an orphan: visit an orphanage and donate some gifts to the children. Most cities in India have one. Here is a list for you to see. Bihar has its own share of orphans. http://www.indianorphanages.net/orphanage/orphanages.html

Make a house for the homeless: you can build a house for the homeless poor. A mud house can go a long way for those who don’t have a house.

Give the poor water: find an area where there is scarcity of water or lack of clean drinking water. You can get a hand pump installed.

Provide medical care: in India, the rich has their medical care taken care of, the super rich goes to the USA for treatment. What about those who die without any medical treatment whatsoever. Find the poor who needs medical treatment and get them treated.

Provide education: many children have to work as labourers to survive missing out on vital education. Pick a child and provide them education, get them admitted to a school, buy them books, offer to send a few hundred rupees every month. Talk to their parents and express your desires to help.

If you are feeling like helping the poor, don’t be ashamed. Do what you can. Help those who are weak and marginalized in society.

More ideas welcome.

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यदि आप करदाता है तो इस संस्था से जुड़ सकते है या इस तरह की संस्था की स्थापना कर सकते है ! यह संस्था झोपडी में रहने वाले बच्चो को आधुनिक और अच्छी शिक्षा प्रदान कराती है ! जो बच्चे दिन में कबाड़ा बीन कर अपना गुजारा करते है या जिनके माता पिता चाहते हुए भी अपने बच्चो को पढ़ा नहीं पाते उन्हें यह संस्था किसी पब्लिक स्कूल में दोपहर 3:00 pm से शिक्षा और शिलाई इत्यादि की शिक्षा का प्रबंध कराती है !  मै फरीदाबाद से हु और मैंने खुद देखा है की किस तरह तीव्र गति से गरीब बच्चो को उनके पैरो पर खड़ा किया जा रहा है ! आप आयकर में 100% छुट ले सकते है !


you are right

talking only cant work

even small action can do a lot

for this we should form a help group and start action

i volunteer myself

Munna Lal said:

Nice to read all these Bakwaas.

All talk and no action.

Munna Lal Kedia


I usually give my clothes and household stuff to charity. We should all do it. 

1, Facilitate self employment with small investments - specially for ladies and home makers viz paper plate making - required for wedding / other ceremonies , candle making, agarbatti making, small utilities making etc.

2. Create small infrastructure for medical aid , ambulance, dead body van , small dispensary , OPD health center in your village or nearby villages by making small trusts with your own earning or collective earning of family members / friends.

3. Create small infrastructure foe training & education , community center with your own money or collective earning from family / friends ; with LCD projector and PC for community awareness programs for ladies and children , villaggers.

4.Run low budget schools for children of poor & downtrodden - at least for primary level.

5. positive engagement of  ladies and children in rural areas for their own development and resource creation.

@Himanshu, they are brilliant ideas. Thank you for your input.

Hi Shalu, if you want to see a sustainable development in people lives specially in women you should introduce cooperative movement among them. Form small credit and thrift society that they can save some money every day or every month and from the credit &thrift society they can get small loan for small business or any other needs. It will give feeling of self respect and self reliant.

superb ideas.... but in the curse of time people dont able to utilize it... well done... really praise worthy....

Thank you Deepak for your comments. 

When I was in Patna, I saw so many poor people that I cried. I also want to help poor people.

Other than crying whatselse did you do  to help the poor. 

Rachna Gupta said:

When I was in Patna, I saw so many poor people that I cried. I also want to help poor people.

I gave them money. Then I lectured them to work hard and earn more money, send their kids to school and regularly buy lottery ticket.

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