With the sad demise of the India-born Ghazal legend Mehdi Hassan, the music world seems to have lost its very soul. After the death of Jagjit Singh, sometime before, this development comes as yet another very bad news for all the lovers of ghazals & soulful songs. We will badly miss the maestro who sung many stirring ghazals, including Dil Men Toofan Chupae Betha Hon, Chalte ho to chaman ko chaliye, and Ek Bar Chale Aao. May his soul rest in peace! Thanks sir, for making the world a beautiful place to live in!

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Mehdi Hassan sa'ab is no more. The voice, who made mny music lovers n lovers to find an expression of their heart's stories, is gone. R.I.P. Saddened beyond comprehension. Jagjit ji, now Mehdi Sa'ab. The voices who kept the legacy of ghazals alive and how, are gone.. This void can never be filled ever again.'

Yes, the void left by the passing away of the ghazal legends like Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh can never be filled again!

I am a great fan of Mehdi Hasan & Jagjit Singh. God bless their souls


It's really very sad news

Frankly, I strongly believe that the world should give more recognition to the world treasures like Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh. Unlike the so-called statesman and world leaders, who unjustifiably are given more media space, and who are awarded with several high and prestigious awards, people like Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh are seldom given such recognitions. This is another matter that in terms of real contributions to the cause of making the world a better and tolerable place to live in, their contributions are immense and unmatched. In fact, take them out from our lives, and we would be almost no where. In times of grief, joy, rejections, etc., it is these jewels who remain our companions and guides. They do not just entertain us but also make us feel a lot better and improved. And isn't this something really inspiring?    

I am not a fan of ghazals but I can say that he sure was a great singer. One of the very best in the industry. 

He was a gem of  world not just Pakistan. I am extremely sad to see him go. God bless his soul. 

aise fankar ko allah jannat ata farmaye ,ameen 

Shalu Sharma said:

I am not a fan of ghazals but I can say that he sure was a great singer. One of the very best in the industry. 

Republic of Mauritius


Both, Jagjit Ji and Mehdi Sahab visited Mauritius for music concerts on more than one occassion.  We, Mauritians, were lucky to have such great singers coming to our small Island Republic.  For sure, we will miss them.  Thank you, Respected friend, Sanjay Kumar Panday for reminding us about these two wonderful personalities.

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