A Bihari friend told me they were thinking of moving back to India and to their home state of Bihar. They are thinking of starting some sort business in Bihar. They asked me for some business ideas for Bihar. It got me thinking. What kind of business can be done in Bihar. I can think of opening a restaurant, starting a MacDonald’s in patna, opening a clothes shop fashion in particular, and all sorts of things.

Lets not forget that Bihar is still in a phase of coming out of economic darkness. Realistically speaking can we do any business there. I am sure there are hundreds of things that can be done. So please put your brains to work and come out with some good ideas to do business in Bihar.  

What are your thoughts. Can you do some brainstorming for me. Please come up with business ideas for Bihar. Please no silly answers. I am really really serious about this. Please come out with some serious ideas for business things to do in Bihar.

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This is a good opportunity to showcase NRI Biharis what can be done... If there are any decent ideas then even I might consider coming, who knows..

Rohini zi Indeed I have already developed few handful fantastic ideas that will must be liked by everyone i am sure.However giving business ideas is different thing and will have to prove virtual in every aspect that require money alot to develop each idea into reality one.Personally some of the quite fantastic ideas storming my brain they are quite futurestic and profitable but personally i cant share it publicly because they are assets for me and main question arise here if i share some of the very innovative and fantastic ideas what benefit i will get.
koi apne business ideas kyu share karega wo bhi free me rahi bat fashoin ki garments ki ye to simple ideas hai koi bhi jiske pas paisa hai aur saksham hai wo koi koi na koi business kar hi leg.lekin madam ap innovative business ideas dhund rahi hai to akhir kaise log apne kimti ideas share kar denge.

Bihar is a state who come in a BIMARU state despite this our people meet u every sector.Our education facility is very low as comapred to other mega city.Our student goes to other state to get  good education but those students who has money problem can't goes to other state .Despite this they achived something because bihari students are labourious .I presently lived in delhi as a bachelor for the preparation of IAS.I take some tution from class 8th to B.com .I have some student from big school as DPS to Ram lal singh college.When i compare to this student and bihari student then i found there are far difference between them .Our bihari student do not get much facility from our govt. but they do something by self and Delhi student got all facility from govt. but they have very low desireness .So i think if u open a school who gave all facility like mega city school at low cost then where our state goes you can't expect.This is true that that type of school is available in our state but their cost is very high. This is my dream to open a national level school in bihar after achiving my success which has some branches in all state .50 % students take admission from all over bihar through a pre examination who qualified take admission at low cost .

                 It has two advantage first, it help in development of Bihar and second, your business.

Rohini said:

This is a good opportunity to showcase NRI Biharis what can be done... If there are any decent ideas then even I might consider coming, who knows..

Bihar is a great place to do business specially when Nitish Kumar has done lots of thing to attract investment with pro-business reforms. Unfortunately we have not been able to attract NRIs. Indeed we can show that there are many things that can be done.

Bihar is an agro-based economy because of its plains and alluvial soil watered by its numerous rivers. Last financial year showed real growth in Bihar in this sector. Production of vegetables like cauliflower, brinjal, and ladies-finger (bhindi) and fruits like mango, guava, pineapple,  litchi and makhana increased.

So I suggest something on this lines; supply of canned vegetables and fruits to Europe/USA/world? In India we are not a fan of tinned/canned vegetables/fruits but elsewhere its the norm. So my suggestion is to go for supply of canned items. You will need to start small with small shops as your buyer then expand. 

Madam aap kataal kholiye. I started with 3 cows selling milk and in 1 year have 6 cows. with hard work i have managed to increase my milk sales 200%. I am planning to expand into sweets like rasgoolas, ladoos...so there is good scope in cow milk.. everybody needs milk young old children everyone for break fast and tea also. invest in dairy.. patna is good place to do business middle class to buy....thanks


I want talk with you about business ideas. If you want open Mcdonald or cloth business. First you tell on few points like-

a> How much amount invest in business.

b> where your business centre

c> In which you serious about business

d> Are you want any business partner?

Awaited your reply.

The best idea is open retail shop in district or Block level. It will be very innovative idea because there is nothing like this in present.Can be open like D MART,APNA BAZAAR,DAILY BAZAAR which all r already running in Mumbai.

Lot of things can be done in Bihar. Before sharing any idea I wish to know what is your aim and objective(offcourse it will be gaining profit) but I want to hear a good balance of profit as well as social service. There are tremendous opportunities in Bihar. Please visit your native village from where you belong and look around.... and give a thought....about what you can do to change the lives of the people living there... and then with that you develop a business model. Its very simple to open a resturent, a garments chain. fashion in particular.., starting a MacDonald’s in patna. This will no way going to improve the life of common man living in villages of Bihar, without electricity and proper communication.


Today people of Bihar suffers a lot only because of Bihar government is not being able to provide to its people 1) un interrupted electricity supply to even remote villages 2) good road transport.  Only give these two things to the people and see the effect. Today every one is very capable of thinking that will make his life better and he is ready to work hard for that. But in todays world every emplyment opportunity starts with electricity and roads and Bihar lags in these.

So I request you to think on these lines and plan your business accordingly. Because your business will also have to cross these basic hurdles.



Attention: Mrs. Rohini

Dear Madam,

With reference to your desire expressed through www.youbihar.com website, I am writing this introduction for your perusal.

Nice to know that you are interested to invest on any business in any region of Bihar/ India. I am also interested and co-operate you. Send me more details about your willingness for investment that means in which area you have more inclination for investment, what is your business plan, how much amount you want to invest etc. so that I may understand your motto and in what way you will utilize me either a business partner or helping hand considering me suitable to hold any office position to run your business activities.

In brief let me introduce my self


I am Ahmad Saroor living in Jamshedpur, State: Jharkhand, India. Completed My Masters Degree In Mech. Engg (M. Tech) form Ranch University (India). I have retired on 1st February 2010 after a long service of more than 40 years in Tata Steel, Tow times worked in Jubail Industrial City - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and visited Jeddah for modification of a Rolling Mill called Azizia Rolling Mill run by Mr. Husain Sharif (MD & Son of Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif). If any Industry or Company or Individual wishes to take my services for any item then I am eager to serve them. I have skills in Projects and Production related activities. If any Organization or Individual wishes to set up any Industrial Plant specifically Rolling Mill, Chemical Industry, Water Treatment Plant or any other plant suitable to their choice then I am ready to co-operate with them for their proposed Business Proposal spreading my services in lieu of my past experiences in the area of Projects & Production. I think this much my introduction is enough?

Looking forward for your any response

My contact details are:                                                                   

E-mail Id: asaroor@gmail.com,saroor@rediffmail.com

Skype Id: ahmadsaroor

Mobile: 09279585663/09234588613

 Tel: 0091-657-2220197

Fax: 0091-657-2321642

Thanks and best regards

Ahmad Saroor

Tata Steel (Ex-Employee)



Date: 24/03/2012

Rohini ji first of all your step is really appreciable,as per my knowledge your idea about restaurant opening like mac donald,pizza hut can be better for bihari because till date we are waiting for such type of  things and also which can be changed our test.

Dear Rohini and all

Bihar is really a good place if you are talking about investment. situation is not same as it was before. Thing are getting changed and still changing.."WAHI KAHAWAT- AGAR ENGINE THEEK BA TA BOGGI THEEK RAHI"  It has much more potential to grow because this is in phase of transition zone for economy point of view. As many of us suggested already focusing on demand and supply. so growing fruit ,vegetable or cereals is good opportunity. but this bit time consuming and need more patience. few of us suggested about schooling, serving people and putting our life for others is completely personal decision. so schooling at low cost fee is really good but it depends what is your target??? serving the people and becoming like mahatma or investing and thinking same as track of Ratan Tata or Ambani group..... I am personally thinking to start but it too early to say !!! thinking some consumer retailer at big level. currently here in Riyadh ,I see many many big shop with nominal rate ,good quality market and products ... really fascinate me to open in Bihar !!! I am doctor by profession but i like business side by side. currently i have involve with Indian market and invested at small level but wish to be like be like many many our peer business ....I dont mind to share my experience even Indian business king RJ says be open and staright is not going to snatch my assesses. so plan according to your budget , time frame .... ALL THE BEST !!! 

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