जिंदगी का रहस्य क्या है ?

यह जिंदगी भी बहुत रहश्य्माए चीज़ है । यहाँ न कोई अपनी मर्जी से आया है न ही कोई अपनी मर्जी से जाता है । हम सब कठपुतली हैं, हमारी बागडोर किसी और  के हाँथ में है । प्रश्न यह है की हम अपनी जिन्दगी जिए कैसे ?

कोई चोरी डकैती करता है, कोई मुह में राम, बगल में चुरी ले कर चलता है । कोई धर्मात्मा है तो कोई कुलकलंक है । यह बात सही है की हम जिस माहोल में रहते हैं हम उसी तरह अपने को ढाल लेते है और वैसे ही ब्यवहार करते हैं । पर क्या यह सही है ? क्या हम अपने मन को काबू में कर के एक अच्छा इंसान बनने की कोशिश क्यों नहीं करते हैं ?

मैंने बहुत सारे पोस्ट पढ़े और देखा की लोग प्राचीन बिहार की दुहैया देते हैं. । लेकिन प्राची लोगो ने जो अच्छी बाते कही और उसे पालन करने की सलाह दी, उन बातो को कोई भी नहीं लिखता है ।

आपकी सब की क्या राय है ?

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Rachna you are a sweet girl with very beautiful thoughts. I really like this post...You are very right. we are stuck in the past afraid to venture out in the future. we need to grab all we got with both our hands. When I listen about American history I am struck with awe and amazment. America is a great nation like it or hate it. Its the best nation in the world to live and work. Bihar can also be like that. Get rid of the corrupt and start doing some great work. I am confident Biharis are enterprising enough to take Bihar forward. I see Biharis who leave for USA and so have I but story is that we still long to be with our own people in Bihar. 

Than you Rohin Di for your compliments. I really appreciate it. You are lucky to be in USA. I hope to visit your adopted country sometimes. I have a few American friends here in Kuwait City. They are just like we Indians, talkative, garrulous and cheerful.

But dont you long to be in Bihar. I do... but you are right, life is in ones own hands.

I am hoping to bring fashion to Bihar by the end of this year. This project will keep me in Bihar. But I am ambitious person, and look for even bigger opportunity and rewards. I want to work for myself. I can see some opening in fashion sector in Bihar because fashion has not touched Bihar. It is not just opening cotoure but to inform, educate what fashion is. I will be oganising fashion show, look for models and hopefully I will bring fashion.

this post is very good.Rachna mam.mera manna hai agar aap ache hain to log aapko follow karenge aur ek din ayega ke hamara bhrast ho chukaa samaj ek din phir wahe bulandiyon per aa jayega jaisa ke hamare purwaj log hame bataten hai.

Suruaat to hum me se he kisise ko karna ke jarurat hai.1 se 2 ,2 se 3,3 se 4. jaise log ek dusre ko dekh kar bure hue hain Ache bann sakteen hai.Hame apna kam karna hai.apna najariya acha rahen aur logon ko 

Zindgi me kuch scientific rahasya(secrets) bhi hote hai Bhav pravan sansar me bhavnav ka bada mahatva hota hai.Mayavi sansar hai Sakespear na r ne rangmanch bhi kaha tha.Perform kijiye perform
Your post is really true Rachna Ji.. We definitely should take all these things...

Good Rachna. Now you are getting closer and closer to truth. Keep trying ....

This is a very good question but difficult to answer. It takes people like Buddha and Mahavira to realise the ultimate truth. Plain and simple truth is that death is the fact that comes to all. One day we leave this earth. 

i really appreciate your post and i am fully agree with your opinion to being socialized and civilized..but most of us are not able to control our barbaric tendency and because of that problems occur in our personal life. so i am always prays for god to give intuition and encouragement each one to be a good human beings....may god bless u all. 


The secret of life is to discover life's mysteries. 

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